I thought cats were supposed to help with rodents…

2021.10.18 11:47 Wikol925 I thought cats were supposed to help with rodents…

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2021.10.18 11:47 Unrelentingx 13 month old Misha and 4 month old Winston

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2021.10.18 11:47 swozzy7 Land Lord didn't provide a inventory and now wants to charge

I took the place of someone in a flat under a joint tenancy 3 years ago, since then people have come and gone and now we are all moving out.
The place has always been run down, the carpets are moth eaten and old, the toilet blocks constantly (LL had to provide a plunger as we called him too much) it's incredibly cold and doesn't retain heat as the windows are very old and let in a breeze (in the winter I sleep with a hat on) and it's so loud I can hear people walking down the street and the neighbours footsteps above, so I sleep with earplugs in and and headphones on top, we also have a mouse problem and he's not done anything about it.
First off, he wants us to pay for a cleaner, which I think is unfair as we would be cleaning years and years of other peoples mess and it wasn't provided in a clean and tidy state as mentioned in the contract. It would be such a waste of money cleaning the carpets as they are all moth eaten
Secondly, he said he will be doing an inventory check, however when we moved in, the LL didn't provide an inventory. When he replaced something he always said 'I've added this to the inventory' I've told him twice now we don't have one
I am worried he is going to charge us for damages we didn't do, my one concern is when I moved into my room he said let me know if everything is ok and we will release the deposit back to for former tenant. I okayed this as to me nothing major appeared to be wrong, but when I looked closely there are faults in the room.
I am wondering if anything could tell me my rights, can he still charge for damages if we weren't given a inventory? Can he expect us to pay to have the carpets and place cleaned when he didn't provide it in a tidy state in the first place (as mentioned in the contract)?
After all we have been living in terrible conditions so I really don't want to pay anything more to them
Would appreciate anyones help!

Thank you
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2021.10.18 11:47 Breaking-The_Law MSI MAG Tomahawk x570 drivers for my first build.

Hey, I've just built my first pc and I am yet to install an operating system. I have used macOS for the last 6 years and cannot bare the thought of using Windows on my plush new pc. I am familiar with linux. I'm a coder and terminal is my home, but I want to game too. I'm confused about getting motherboard drivers. As you can see from the title, I have an MSI x570 Tomahawk, their website only has selections of drivers in Windows OSs. My questions are, if I use ubuntu or arch Linux for my first ever install of an os on my pc, what will happen ? Where can I get drivers for my motherboards for Linux? Or have I been stupid and got the wrong motherboard. Thanks
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2021.10.18 11:47 IAmTheSnailMan My microphone doesn’t work on the Asus Zenbook 13

As title says, I’ve tried everything on their website about sound and microphone problems. Zoom just can’t seem to detect the sound system. Any other solutions before I take the computer to an expert?
Note: I have Windows 11.
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2021.10.18 11:47 Red_Castle_Siblings Picture books to read for autistic preschoolers

Hi all
Yesterday I happened to stumble over a book series called Charlie Cat by Michelle Ristuccia. They're a series of picture books about dealing with different issues that neurodiverse children may have at different holidays (and other times).
The issues are presented as if the child isn't weird for having them, which I find is nice. Some kids find fireworks to be frightening loud, but other kids don't find it too loud. And for the kids that find it too loud, wearing ear protection or ear muffs is an option to better handle the loud noise.
At the end of the book there are questions over what was read. Personally I find those more appropriate for those a couple of years later.
Why do I share this?
I think it is good for parents and kids to have a picture book that recognizes that kid's struggles, but in a positive way that tells the kid they can do things to handle the situation better in learning strategies to deal with it.
Link to some of the books on Amazon:
Charlie Cat does not like Halloween (a book about saying no)
Charlie Cat draws his personal bubble on Easter
Charlie Cat takes a break on thangsgiving
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2021.10.18 11:47 JSim2021 SCDF Final Exercise @ RUINS

As the title suggests, I am going to have my final exercise at a place called RUINS at Mandai Training Village (from what I searched). I was just wondering what to expect during this exercise as I am quite nervous about it.
Any form of response is greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.18 11:47 JWPretzel4967 I hate the new update and my video looks so Clichy

I hate the new update and my video looks so Clichy
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2021.10.18 11:47 phizzlek Earned the 100kph badge!

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2021.10.18 11:47 InflationNormal9939 Moving On

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2021.10.18 11:47 Enola_Rahman addicted to me !!!

So here's a friend of mine , he has been astral projecting since the last five years he told me that he liked my spirit And also told that I would have been his crush ..why ? Because he saw my spirit And I am his crush in the future and I the past ....but not in present
And he even told I am only addicted to you and I have to end it
I am a beginner in AP and cannot understand a single thing ..please help me out
We're both 16 year old
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2021.10.18 11:47 RealOllie67 Royal Gorge B&W Tree

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2021.10.18 11:47 LowBudgetNoBudget Low Budget No Budget | The Moment Trap - The Lennon Dream (2021) A Member Of Public Delayed Filming

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2021.10.18 11:47 highnchillin_ Colorful hands tutting dance

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2021.10.18 11:47 SiKK42 So phantom got a New skin apparently

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2021.10.18 11:47 TheDoloe ❤️

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2021.10.18 11:47 Sand3rAjax Qucee's humor

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2021.10.18 11:47 Jaydenroxs Krav Maga has a lot of bullshit videos out there, can anyone link some good ones?

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2021.10.18 11:47 Comfortable_Ad6830 what the...

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2021.10.18 11:47 alfadasfire Is this any good for a list? Not trying to be competitive, just don't want to get shot off the board in turn 1 or something.


**++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Deathwatch) [98 PL, 12CP, 1,999pts] ++**


**+ Configuration +**


**Battle Size [12CP]:** 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)


**Detachment CP**


**+ HQ +**


**Captain in Terminator Armor [6 PL, 100pts]:** Power sword, Storm bolter, Warlord


**Lieutenants [4 PL, 75pts]**

. **Primaris Lieutenant:** Bolt pistol, Master-crafted Power Sword


**Primaris Chaplain on Bike [6 PL, 115pts]:** 1. Litany of Faith (Aura), Litany of Hate


**+ Troops +**


**Assault Intercessor Squad [10 PL, 210pts]**

. **9x Assault Intercessor:** 9x Astartes Chainsword, 9x Frag & Krak grenades, 9x Heavy Bolt Pistol

. **Assault Intercessor Sgt:** Heavy Bolt Pistol, Thunder hammer


**Deathwatch Veterans [8 PL, 165pts]**

. **Deathwatch Veteran:** Deathwatch Shotgun

. **Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon:** Infernus Heavy Bolter

. **Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon:** Infernus Heavy Bolter

. **Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon:** Infernus Heavy Bolter

. **Watch Sergeant:** Deathwatch Combi-plasma, Xenophase blade


**Deathwatch Veterans [8 PL, 151pts]**

. **Deathwatch Veteran:** Power maul, Storm shield

. **Deathwatch Veteran:** Power maul, Storm shield

. **Deathwatch Veteran:** Power maul, Storm shield

. **Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Thunder Hammer:** Heavy Thunder Hammer

. **Watch Sergeant:** Storm shield, Xenophase blade


**Deathwatch Veterans [8 PL, 148pts]**

. **Deathwatch Veteran:** Stalker-pattern boltgun

. **Deathwatch Veteran:** Stalker-pattern boltgun

. **Deathwatch Veteran:** Deathwatch Combi-melta, Power sword

. **Deathwatch Veteran:** Deathwatch Combi-plasma, Power sword

. **Watch Sergeant:** Heavy Thunder Hammer


**Intercessor Squad [10 PL, 210pts]:** 2x Astartes Grenade Launcher, Auto Bolt Rifle

. **9x Intercessor:** 9x Bolt pistol, 9x Frag & Krak grenades

. **Intercessor Sergeant**


**+ Elites +**


**Aggressor Squad [6 PL, 135pts]:** 2x Aggressor, Aggressor Sergeant

. **Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher**


**Bladeguard Veteran Squad [5 PL, 105pts]**

. **2x Bladeguard Veteran:** 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Heavy Bolt Pistol, 2x Master-crafted Power Sword, 2x Storm Shield

. **Bladeguard Veteran Sgt:** Heavy Bolt Pistol


**Bladeguard Veteran Squad [5 PL, 105pts]**

. **2x Bladeguard Veteran:** 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Heavy Bolt Pistol, 2x Master-crafted Power Sword, 2x Storm Shield

. **Bladeguard Veteran Sgt:** Heavy Bolt Pistol


**Primaris Apothecary [4 PL, 80pts]**


**Redemptor Dreadnought [9 PL, 185pts]:** 2x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Icarus Rocket Pod, Onslaught Gatling Cannon


**Terminator Assault Squad [9 PL, 215pts]**

. **Terminator Sergeant**

. . **Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield:** Thunder hammer

. **4x Terminator w/THSS:** 4x Storm shield, 4x Thunder hammer


**++ Total: [98 PL, 12CP, 1,999pts] ++**


Created with [BattleScribe](https://www.battlescribe.net)
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2021.10.18 11:47 Chipscream Offers pls

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2021.10.18 11:47 tomoorrowem F22. Looking for people that like to chat and message throughout the day. [friendship] [chat]

I’m looking for a friend or friends who like to chat about random things. I live alone and work from home so my days can get a little isolating. So HMU
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2021.10.18 11:47 Afraid_Opposite_3499 Therapist recommendation

Hi! I am inquiring for a friend who is struggling with narcissism. Are you aware of any good therapist who are empathetic towards NPD and will try to help them out in San Diego? If not do you know anyone willing to work remotely with someone in San Diego? Any recommendations would help. In our search, we found two therapists who appeared to specialize in NPD but they also seemed to perpetuate the stigma around NPD instead of trying to offer a solution to help. Would therapists who don’t specialize specifically in NPD be able to help out? Thank you!
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2021.10.18 11:47 Armedleftestvet [friendship] 33m USA CST. Veteran, leftist, blacksmithing

Hey everyone. Looking for long term friends hopefully. 33m USA Midwest. I am a veteran, pagan, anarchist and amateur blacksmith. Some of my hobbies include reading, video games, blacksmithing and recreational shooting. If you think we can be friends sent me a Chat. Thanks
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2021.10.18 11:47 abil90 Best Budget Camera phone 2021

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