If you reward this I’ll send you my feet pics ;)

2021.10.18 11:54 Jacksonwp324 If you reward this I’ll send you my feet pics ;)

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2021.10.18 11:54 theirishcoffeemaker Joke's on you I'm still ugly

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2021.10.18 11:54 krispykremeo whats up?

a quick mental health check-in with you!
are you TRULY okay? its a safe and judge free zone :D
so if u wanna chill or just need a shoulder, hit me up! 🤙🏽
you got this!!
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2021.10.18 11:54 Flowled The ozone layer has a huge hole

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2021.10.18 11:54 thezensory Beta Testers Needed for our Multi-Sensory App to boost Focus, Creativity, Relaxation and Positivity!

Hey guys! I've spent the past year building The Zensory - a platform to empower people to use their senses to optimise their moods throughout the working day. I've personally been creating the soundscapes, binaural beats and music throughout lockdown and then combining this with scientifically backed scents, foods, colours, pressure points and movements to help you bio-hack your body and super boost your mind.
It would be amazing to get some feedback from you on the app vision, idea and experience - you can check it out here: https://thezensory.com/get-the-app/
If you could spend just 5 mins giving us some feedback on our survey that would be hugely appreciated, thank you in advance! https://forms.gle/XZ8BA1uVDWbihPF66
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2021.10.18 11:54 cuztrp It does feel a bit orgasmic doesn't it

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2021.10.18 11:54 soroosh_123 TRX Cloud Mining- LEGIT/SCAM? Let's preview

TRX Cloud Mining- LEGIT/SCAM? Let's preview Most of these sites are Ponzi schemes. I've found one that actually works for now and repays you.
Check it out and DYOR.
If the site is up tomorrow I am back to my initial investment and then after that becoming a TRX whale is my ideal!

Any questions will be answered. This technique is extremely high risk and extremely dangerous; approach with caution. After one or two days I update you guys on the result.
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2021.10.18 11:54 radhumandummy 211018 LIGHTSUM U CUBE - Nayoung

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2021.10.18 11:54 Fuzzy-Engineering-95 Hello everyone my iphone XR earpiece and speaker sound is very low after an update … anybody feels it ?

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2021.10.18 11:54 IxAgainYou Need Advice from experience

I had completed all original level’s , and I really want to be more expert in this game but i cant managed 3 key’s or 4 , and all the cool levels need that any recommendations for practice level that i need to start with it ?
Thanks for everyone
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2021.10.18 11:54 REDXTR7 Me or matt🤔🤔🤔

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2021.10.18 11:54 InclusivePhitness Advice for Improving Faster Time Controls

Hi all, adult learner (40) been playing chess for about 4 years now. My rapid rating on lichess is around 1700 but blitz is only about 1400 and as I go into bullet I get absolutely wrecked and my rating won't improve.
Besides being a rapid "specialist", I tend to do also much more poorly without increment.
What's your best advice for improving in faster time controls and particularly without increment?
Or should I just keep focusing on getting better at rapid (with increment) where I seem to be more comfortable?
I guess my playing style is that after the opening(s), I tend to take a lot of time to calculate and get a decent (or at least safe) position in the middle game... try to follow good principles so that I can do well in the end-game with "easy to make" moves since I strive to not have too many weaknesses in my position and try to have good pawn structure and occupy open files or diagnols.
But I can only get into this comfort zone because I have increment, so even with very little time on the clock I seem to be able to convert more wins than not in the end game.
Thanks all.
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2021.10.18 11:54 _ZEN0N-TheCloudKing id rather drive a car that runs on coke

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2021.10.18 11:54 BlankieBuildo17 Work in Progress Freeman

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2021.10.18 11:54 CarryClean1350 🚀PrinceShiba Next 100X BSC GEM 💎Launched on Pancakeswap | Low Market Cap | Stealth Launched | Join Now

🐶Did You missed Prince Floki? Don't Miss Here Is PrinceShiba
💎Stealth Launch
💥Low MarketCap
🔒Lp locked
📈Contract is Verified
🚀Easy 20-100X !!!!!!!
7% Redistribution in SHIB 💵
Auto-paid: You hold and receive SHIB 🙌
1% Liquidity pool 💦
1% to Marketing
1% to Charity wallet ❤️
Don't miss the next moonshot!
🔸LP lock. Trusted Developer. Huge marketing campaign - already had over 15+ huge influencers post about us. CG/CMC applied for. NFTs are being considered Game is in prelim development Website redesign Logo redesign
🔹Sponsored content - car livery, team sponsorship Partnerships - always attempting to work with other teams and projects that can help grow the brand. CEX listing - this will be a priority when we cross 1k holders, as a lot will want an easier way of purchasing $MARV. I will pick a CEX that aligns with our core methodology.
🔹I aim to be 100% transparent in everything I do, I want to make this a fun project that makes history!
🔹I’d love to grow it to a point where we can donate money to dog and other animal charities, that would be a dream.
🔸The community we are building is everything to me, and the success of a token is in the communities hands. I want educated and bright people who enjoy memes
Contract: 0x245b2e92cb010201529932bd6a949f44c967266e
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x245b2e92cb010201529932bd6a949f44c967266e
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x245b2e92cb010201529932bd6a949f44c967266e#readContract
Liquidty locked:
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2021.10.18 11:54 Boss31112 What thing would you want to experience again for the first time if you could magically wipe it from your memory?

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2021.10.18 11:54 xxMillyHxx Anyone have lief on their island

I am looking to buy some shrubs :) I can pay you in bells and NMT for my visit over
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2021.10.18 11:54 jadovita By jadovita#9637

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2021.10.18 11:54 KypFroultsje 18 tm 24 oktober

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2021.10.18 11:54 flhx107 Double strap thong sandals

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2021.10.18 11:54 Galaxy-Chaos When you're already dying but your son is stupid

When you're already dying but your son is stupid
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2021.10.18 11:54 Career-Same What do you fear the most? and why?

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2021.10.18 11:54 GodVocatus Any recommendations for upgrades? I'm having no trouble winning matches in div 5 and win 50-50 but as with the essence of the game I like to switch up my team now and again.(in game I play 41212 narrow with fast build up and high depth because of this benzema is playing as lcm on get forward)

Any recommendations for upgrades? I'm having no trouble winning matches in div 5 and win 50-50 but as with the essence of the game I like to switch up my team now and again.(in game I play 41212 narrow with fast build up and high depth because of this benzema is playing as lcm on get forward) submitted by GodVocatus to fut [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 11:54 EmergencyOrdinary347 Guys yall need to on sgps ig rn!

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2021.10.18 11:54 Breaking-The_Law Need help with MSI MAG Tomahawk drivers.

Hey, I've just built my first pc and I am yet to install an operating system. I have used macOS for the last 6 years and cannot bare the thought of using Windows on my plush new pc. I am familiar with linux. I'm a coder and terminal is my home, but I want to game too. I'm confused about getting motherboard drivers. As you can see from the title, I have an MSI x570 Tomahawk, their website only has selections of drivers in Windows OSs. My questions are, if I use ubuntu or arch Linux for my first ever install of an os on my pc, what will happen ? Where can I get drivers for my motherboards for Linux? Or have I been stupid and got the wrong motherboard. Thanks
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