The Trainer #73: Automotive Electrical Fundamentals - Improve Your Electrical Troubleshooting Skills

2021.10.18 13:31 Freekmagnet The Trainer #73: Automotive Electrical Fundamentals - Improve Your Electrical Troubleshooting Skills

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2021.10.18 13:31 astrangehumantoe apparently this is supposed to say the Beatles but I only see he ate tables

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2021.10.18 13:31 YardieMindset NHL GONE TOO FAR

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2021.10.18 13:31 Legitimate_Equal4682 The first

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2021.10.18 13:31 Outside_Tree_2311 New Hit Release

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2021.10.18 13:31 ianimeindian Top Famous Anime Adapted from Video Game

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2021.10.18 13:31 Juukapup We unlocked this one bur can’t make it. Cuz the Dye workshop needs Brick & Plank which I haven’t studied yet. I feel like a clown🥲

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2021.10.18 13:31 tron2013 Here’s how players will be prompted for Day 1 of the “14 Day Spell of Rewards”

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2021.10.18 13:31 hyperkid137 211018 TXT Official

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2021.10.18 13:31 DigiJarc Here is a concept art of the environment from the game i am working on - I hope i captured a warm and sunny atmosphere!

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2021.10.18 13:31 Sure-Butterscotch-35 I am looking for a opinions on what behaviors are "normal"

I am looking for a new therapist right now. In the past I have been told by both doctors and therapists that I am not a narcissist, the doctors and therapists I've been with have not had a lot of time to get to know me though.
I am diagnosed with generalized anxiety, OCD, and depression.
I am just going to list out all the reasons and behaviors that I am worried about. Thanks whoever gets through all of this... I know its Alot of stuff.
- Last night my girlfriend was talking to me about something and said I just said that lmao over text, it made me somewhat mad. It felt like in the moment she was attacking me or something and I was upset at her but I knew it was irrational so I didn't act out or act angry in return. After she responded and talked to me I quickly felt better and moved on.
- I am always worried people will get bored of me and leave me.
- I am always worried people will find out im a narccist or think I am using them. I question whether or not I actually use people, I think I do.
- I am 23 years old so sometimes I think to myself wow Im pretty smart if im a narcissist because I became self aware, that leads to me fighting with my thoughts and thinking why would I think Im smart. Then I have to call myself dumb and stupid so I dont think highly of myself. Thats the OCD part but idk.
- I ignore people frequently, especially family members.
- When someone talks to me about something and I am trying to think about something else or Im simply not interested in what they are saying it leads to me either getting irritated or I space out.
-I keep saying im going to do better but I dont
-I mirror people, especially romantic interests. As a matter a fact I actually researched a video game just to tell someone I played it in the past and maybe impress them. Also just to have common interests. I think that's really weird. I do this because I feel like I have no interests outside of obsessing about them, and the ones that I do have are few and far between.
- I compulsively lie. This can be mundane things (I went to the gym today, I know how to cook) or It can be deep things which I dont do anymore but sometimes the biggest lies can just pop in my head. One that I've actually told was my grandma was in the hospital, or another one was that I was on the phone with my grandma in a discord call... the truth was I was too afraid to talk to the people in discord.
- When I feel like someone thinks im a narcissist or they're going to leave me, I break down and I want to ghost them. I pretty much want to leave them before they leave me.
- When I wrote thanks at the beginning of the post I think I did that to increase the likelihood of people reading rather than actually thank you, im sorry if thats true.
- In high school I used to act superior, I would tell me people I was too busy to party because I was working on music or something. Half the time I was just too scared to go out or didn't feel like socializing. I like just being alone.
- Sometimes, all of these thoughts fade away. I think im fine, everything alright.
-I look at myself in the mirror a lot, sometimes I think really highly of myself... or I hate myself one of the two.
- I think in black and white. If I have NPD I am evil.
-I tell myself that If I was NPD I would ghost everyone and tell them im sorry before I left, but the truth is I love this girl so much I dont think I really would even if everyone told me I was evil.
- I people please, Im always nice and I do not know how to properly show when im upset
- I have blocked and cut people off before
- I talk superior about myself sometimes, ex: girlfriend was saying her ex used to ignore her when she wanted to have fun my response was pretty much be boasting that I would never do something like that.
-I love bomb example: I sent my girlfriend a message this morning telling her she was the most beautiful person in the world and that I appreciate and love her. I do this ALOT.
- I hide my insecurities
-sometimes I hate myself, but when someone shows me love I feel better
-my mom just walked in and asked what I was doing and I said homework, thats another lie
-I stayed at a mental hospital once and smiled when I realized they were giving me extra drinks, I smiled because that meant to me I was special or something and they were paying attention to me.
I dont want to be attention seeking, I can tell I do it in subtle ways all the time in conversation and it has to be so annoying to other people... Its going to kill my relationships with people. I just want to have real relationships so bad. Like I feel like other people talk and its so natural and they have these real connections. I feel like all the ones I have are fake ill tell people we have such a good connection and stuff but I dont feel it, not anymore.
I dont understand why none of these people have left me yet im just so damn annoying and im nice all the time, and it makes me feel shitty because its not real nice. Its like I cant help it nothing that comes out of my mouth is just like chill and natural I hate it.
I always want to seem confident, assertive, kind but in reality I am none of those things. People say be vulnerable to people and speak about ur insecurities then some people say know your worth and just be confident and I never know what the right thing to do is.
Lastly, I am also highly irresponsible sometimes I forget to do things that are very important.
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2021.10.18 13:31 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-thomas-kempis-0

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2021.10.18 13:31 Musgi What is the best buff for weapon dmg eclipse ,roar or vext armor orrr sth else entierly ?

To me i hate eclipse condition so itsss kinda roar vs vex armor or sth else ?
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2021.10.18 13:31 Sea_Blacksmith_7228 🔰 BABY IOTA TOKEN 🔰 Stealth Launch 🔰 Listed On PancakeSwap 🔰 Liquidity locked 🔰



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- No Pre Sale, No Air Drop, Just Stealth Launch
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🔷 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.18 13:31 Tosscraft Mural by Cukin Koszalin in Miroslawiec, Poland

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2021.10.18 13:31 MarloweSL Good morning.

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2021.10.18 13:31 jevau Forbidden gyro

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2021.10.18 13:31 ReluctantFaeOnEarth Yesterday, exploring Inazuma, I found this chest on one of the city's channels. I have 100% exploration in Narukami, hope that helps someone!

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2021.10.18 13:31 hoemegga botched by jeffrey jumaily what can be done?

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2021.10.18 13:31 Nipsunfamas Pee WC

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2021.10.18 13:31 Sloperon Request: Please add Lock-Screen support

That's because some apps which are security-paranoid require that there is a password, pattern, fingerprint or photo id set before the app will function, it's a hard requirement.
In some cases things have moved onto smartphones as if it's the only electronics people have and ignoring everything else, they have no respect for the PC platform. Hopefully BlueStacks can do something about that.
Thanks a lot for consideration.
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2021.10.18 13:31 Rikkimaaruu Five things from DS2 i realy missed in DS3

Dark Souls 3 took a few things from DS2 like the UI or some Items, but i think it left out some realy great things.

  1. Special Armor
I start with something that isnt mentioned that often and for some People it isnt important at all, but to me its something i realy like about DS2 and is realy nice for the replay value.
If you take a look at Special Armor in DS3 you will find 7 pieces and 4 of them are the complete Thorns Armor. DS2 on the other hand offers around 80 Armor pieces with special boni. And sure some of them only give +1 INT or 1+FTH, but i have so much armor pieces to change things up here and there its just a big plus to me personal. Even more when i wanne do a Sorcery only, Dark only, Bow only ect run.
When i did my Sorcery only Run in DS3 i was like "Oh there is this one head piece and eh yeah thats it".
  1. New Game + Features
DS2 has by far the best and most interesting NG+ of any Souls Game and i was realy excited to see how the NG+ in DS3 would look like. Do we get more changes in Boss fights? Do we get even more new enemy types? Do we get even more new items? Do we get even more new encounters like Freya? Do we get new Areas?
And in the end we got nothing, which was a huge letdown because iam not a Fan of a normal NG+ i never finished a single NG+ in DS1 or DS3, meanwhile i did several NG+ runs in DS2.
  1. Weight System
So yes this came at the price of ADP which iam not a huige fan of, but in the end when you know it i was fine with it. Even more when you reach lvl 160 min in the end of DS2 compared to lvl 80 min in DS1 or DS3. So leveling ADP dosent gimp your Build that much.
But what we got was a realy nice thing. It realy made a difference in stamina regen and roll distance if you went from 49% load to 41%. You could go all the way to 69,9% like you do in DS1 and DS3 most of the time but it would came at a price of realy low stamina regen and a tiny roll distance.
So you had to chose what fits your playstyle more.
  1. Power Stance
I get it, the Weapon Arts pretty much replaced Power Stance. But lets be honest, could a tiny uppercut move or a scream replace a new moveset or realy fun combinations of two different weapon types?
Power Stance isnt high on my List here, but its still a Feature which hopefully makes a comeback in Elden Ring.
  1. Company of Champions
Hold up before you start throwing stones at me! I know it ruined the first time experience for some people (this includes me) because we didnt knew what we were doing.
But how many times we wished Dark Souls had different difficulty settings, like a hardcore mode or for some people an easy mode. Thankfully we didnt got any of that, but in DS2 you can just join a Covenant 5 minutes into the Game to unlock hard mode.
I think thats a realy cool feature which often gets overlooked or just memed. Sure nowdays you have Mods and so, but it often takes several years or at least several month until we get these things and the CoC is just there from day one of the release.
So are there similar things you guys can think of? Even features from DS1 or DS3 that you would like to have in DS2?
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2021.10.18 13:31 weeble182 Throw your hands in the air like you just don't care......

....then let them come tumbling back down on your head, waking you up from the sleep I've just spend half an hour rocking you into.......
Sound familiar to anyone else?
Our 8 week old has always loved her hands. Swaddling never worked because she throws her arms and legs out whenever there is a hint that we might restrict them, so she has been in arms out sleep sacks since day 3.
In the past week, she has realised her arms are her own and so we don't just get reflex movement or random movement, we get 'I want my hands to by near by face and to hell with what you guys want' movements.
Daytime its not an issue as she mostly contact naps but this is becoming a pain for bedtime. Unfortunately the force of her hands hitting her head seems to instantly wake her up when she was almost asleep. Current suggestions include Velcroing her down to her bedside crib, some kind of baby straight jacket, a baby crash helmet so she won't feel them hit her. However any other suggestions would probably be welcomed?
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2021.10.18 13:31 jorgevega2403 Alguien tiene algo de Vicky dobler?

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2021.10.18 13:31 AdeptnessSpecialist7 hangisi

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